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All About IRS Payroll Tax Relief For Small Businesses Impacted by COVID-19

Many small business and sole proprietors have been hammered by 2020;COVID-19, shutdowns, lockdowns, riots, endless rule changes, and pivoting as the world adjusts. Are we seeing a light at the end of the tunnel? It is hard to tell. There … Read More

A Different Tip For Action Takers…

Look, it’s no secret that this economy is challenging entrepreneurs like never before.  Even in the midst of the meltdown in 2008-2009, we didn’t see anything like this.  Today, though, I want to share a simple tip that Is sure … Read More

Staying Stimulated

We’re in the midst of history and seemingly every small business is having the same worries… “How will we survive?” Let me tell you, the most critical thing you can do right now, as a small business owner, ids to … Read More

Choosing the Right Tax Preparer

It might seem silly that I’d send out an email to you about how to choose the right tax preparer, but think about it like this:  My team and I have nothing to hide AND, more importantly, we’d rather work … Read More

COVID-19 Stimulus Scams – Beware!

One of the biggest challenges we’re seeing as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic is one of the oldest – scams.  Just like the age-old IRS scams that creep up every year, the lure of easy money and desperate people … Read More

PPP Fund Now Depleted

The SBA program established by the CARES act PPP Paycheck Protection Plan has exhausted all funds. Banks began accepting PPP loan applications from small businesses and sole proprietorships on April 3rd. On April 10th self employed individuals and freelancers could … Read More

When Will My EIDL and or PPP SBA Loan Money Be In My Account?

There are some options for funding/ grants/ loans for small businesses out there. The SBA has 3 options. You can begin reading here. The 2 main ones you have been hearing about are the EIDL Economic Injury Disaster Loan and … Read More

Prospect Nurturing Isn’t As Simple As It Was…

Good Morning, This late in the month, you’ve probably become firmly convinced that I’ve gone crazy.  Why is a CPA giving business lessons?  Where’d they get all these ideas, anyway? Well, a lot of it is simply experience.  I work … Read More

Rethinking the Lead Acquisition Process

Good Morning! And the adventure continues!  I’ve been sharing some ideas about how entrepreneurs can streamline their businesses and I hope you’ve gotten a lot of insight so far.  Let’s talk about lead acquisition a little bit.  Most entrepreneurs and … Read More

Rethinking your Client Fulfillment process?

Hello! Since last week’s post, I can’t tell you how many messages I’ve gotten from readers and clients about why a CPA would want to discuss seemingly “internal” systems related to my clients’ businesses.  Simple – we both want the … Read More