Business Taxes

Quiet Hiring Vs. Quiet Firing 

In a tight labor market, not only is it hard to find employees, it’s also difficult to keep them engaged. Gallup has found that at least half of employees are emotionally disconnected from their jobs.       Disengaged employees can be … Read More

Tech Layoffs Explained

Maybe you’ve noticed it in the news, but it’s far bigger than Twitter and Elon Musk’s tweets. After expanding staff sizes for years, many tech companies have announced dramatic layoffs in recent months. What’s driving the downsizing? Certainly the risk … Read More

Cash Actually Is Trash

Yes, that title is a little over the top, but from where I sit, as a tax professional, cash isn’t the best medium to have on hand.  It’s losing its value daily, it’s devilishly hard to keep a grip on, … Read More

Here’s What You Might Have Forgotten

Even though we’re in the midst of tax season, and the office is buzzing right along, I’m always surprised at some of the calls and emails we field this time of year.  Sometimes, it’s logical – questions like, “How should … Read More

Time’s Almost Up

Many, many times, I try to make my writings less about the tactics and strategies surrounding taxes and preparation and more about business ideas and tactics that make sense for all of my entrepreneurial clients.  The nice part of this … Read More

The Height of Tax Season

Here we are, smack in the thick of tax season, EVERY tax professional’s “least favorite” time of the year (more on that later…) and yet, I’m writing when I should be up to me ears in returns. How is that?  … Read More

Becoming Visible

We recently took on a new business client that inspired this email.  No, I’m not going to name names, or even share their industry with you, but what inspired me to share some of their details was the incredible positivity … Read More

Shopping For New Experts

It might seem odd that I’d be discussing how a business owner should approach the subject of finding a new accounting team right now, in the middle of tax season.  Most tax professionals are up to their ears in business … Read More

Looking for a New Team?

Well, we’re moving right into February already, and now that “most” of the W2’s and 1099s are sent, we’re hearing from a lot of new folks.  Maybe those who are frustrated by other tax professionals, maybe folks who have a … Read More

Have You Already Forgotten? 

How are you doing on your resolutions?A lot of folks have already given up, especially on their personal resolutions, but what about the ones you made for business?I truly hope you are still working on those, and before tax season … Read More