Business Taxes

The Urgent Necessity of Organizing Your Receipts Before Year-End

Yes, it’s the last week of the year, and a lot of business owners have taken off this week to enjoy the holidays and their families. As the calendar year winds down to its inevitable close, you might find yourself … Read More

Do You REALLY Need A Year-End Inventory?

As we approach the year’s conclusion, our attention is naturally drawn to various financial tasks that demand our time as business owners. While some of these tasks may not carry the allure of strategic planning or revenue generation, they are … Read More

Maximizing Your Retirement Contributions Before Year-End

As we stand on the threshold of a new year, it is imperative to spend at least a little time thinking about some plans for both the short term AND the long term. Don’t let the Christmas shopping fool you, … Read More

The Critical Importance of a Year-End Book Review

I trust this message finds you well as we approach the year’s end, and it’s ALWAYS a significant milestone for both personal reflection and business evaluation. Among the essential tasks that require your attention is a thorough review of your … Read More

Why “Now” is Better Than “Later” for Business Growth

If you’ve ever found yourself saying, “I’ll do it when the time is right,” let me be the one to break it to you—the ‘right time’ is a myth, like Bigfoot or fat-free donuts that actually taste good. Procrastination is … Read More

The Myth of “Taking It Easy” in Q4

Picture this: It’s the last quarter, the finish line is in sight, and you’re tempted to slow down.  After all, everybody else is taking it easy, folks are on vacation, “Thanksgiving” seems to last all week, and you can hear … Read More

Stop Using The Holidays as a Business Roadblock

Ah, the holiday season!   time of family, food, and … slacking off in business?  While the world gets wrapped up in holiday cheer, some entrepreneurs wrap themselves in a comfy blanket of excuses.  But let’s kick that habit to the … Read More

The “Money Fear” Factor—Why It’s Time to Invest in Q4

Do you ever look at your budget and think, “I should wait until next year to invest in that marketing initiative, update that outdated software, or even invest in myself and my education with some additional training?”   You’re not alone; … Read More

Navigating the Labyrinth of State and Local Taxes

Given how close we are to Halloween, I hope today’s post won’t scare you too bad, yet again and again, I see business owners caught not managing their state and local tax obligations. It’s not just what you earn or … Read More

Faster Money Transfers … Soon               

Here’s good news for American consumers and businesses: The Federal Reserve’s new instant payment service, FedNow, is set to transform the speed and efficiency of money transfers, promising faster and more accessible money transfers, bridging the gap between the traditional … Read More