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Tech Layoffs Explained

Maybe you’ve noticed it in the news, but it’s far bigger than Twitter and Elon Musk’s tweets. After expanding staff sizes for years, many tech companies have announced dramatic layoffs in recent months. What’s driving the downsizing? Certainly the risk … Read More

Cash Actually Is Trash

Yes, that title is a little over the top, but from where I sit, as a tax professional, cash isn’t the best medium to have on hand.  It’s losing its value daily, it’s devilishly hard to keep a grip on, … Read More

Don’t Take the Early Refund Deal.

I’m sharing this as a sort of public service, because the truth is, I don’t like the whole “early refund” silliness… On the other hand, I cringe a little bit when I hear young people talking about getting their return … Read More

Is the Party Over for Tax Credits?

The big tax perks after the pandemic are reduced this year. Parents won’t be getting checks, but they will still have a (smaller) credit to use against taxes owed. The Child Tax Credit was boosted for the 2021 tax year … Read More

Here’s What You Might Have Forgotten

Even though we’re in the midst of tax season, and the office is buzzing right along, I’m always surprised at some of the calls and emails we field this time of year.  Sometimes, it’s logical – questions like, “How should … Read More

Is it a Scam? How to Know if the IRS is Really Calling

Here we are, in the middle of tax season and the scammers are coming on thick!  Years ago, in the world of paper returns and checks being mailed, you had to worry about a check being stolen, but now?  The … Read More

Refunds Might Be Late?

Waiting for a tax refund for your 2022 tax returns? For many, tax returns this year may end up smaller, and beyond that, payments could get delayed as well. Folks looking to get their refunds quickly should sign up for … Read More

Time’s Almost Up

Many, many times, I try to make my writings less about the tactics and strategies surrounding taxes and preparation and more about business ideas and tactics that make sense for all of my entrepreneurial clients.  The nice part of this … Read More

Short of Cash to Pay the Tax Man? Here’s What To Do

Well, time is getting closer and I’m already seeing it reflected in the local news and social media articles:  what can folks do if they have to pay the IRS this year instead of getting a refund?  In reality, this … Read More

The Height of Tax Season

Here we are, smack in the thick of tax season, EVERY tax professional’s “least favorite” time of the year (more on that later…) and yet, I’m writing when I should be up to me ears in returns. How is that?  … Read More