Tax Articles

Can the IRS Throw You a Line?

Let’s face it, if you’re in trouble, the LAST person you’d trust is the person that says you’re in trouble. That’s about how most people feel when it comes to getting tax advice or offers from the IRS, especially given … Read More

Using Online Reviews Wisely

It’s a rare business today that doesn’t have an online presence or, at the very least, one on social media.  Even if you are the smallest of the small businesses in the country with no website or social media, your … Read More

Fix It Or Junk It?

Over the last two years, supply chains and Covid have kept more Americans in older cars.  Folks who have never paid off a car are now driving vehicles they really “own” and – in a lot of cases – they’re … Read More

Tax Breaks for Everybody?

Let’s be honest:  As we approach the end of the year, most of you guys aren’t thinking about taxes. That’s my job! The problem with most “tax idea” articles is that the writers seem to live in places that real … Read More

If everyone is doing them, are they still “best practices”?

One of those annoying catchphrases that the business “gurus” like to use today is “best practices.” Blech! To read them, as a business owner, is usually like reading a list of common-sense ideas that any entrepreneur worthy of the title … Read More

Business Tips? Read the Handbook!

Almost all of us can agree:  the employee handbook at work might be the most boring and least read book in the world.  After all, it’s NOT a page turner, the subject matter can be incredibly boring, and frankly, you’re … Read More

November’s Real Estate Corner

The red-hot real estate market is slowly cooling as sellers in big markets lower their prices, according to brokerage firms.               Notable in the market are urban areas in California and Utah, where prices were often set unrealistically high, Redfin … Read More

Tax Breaks For The Next Generation

As much that has been written – good and bad – about the next generation, the Millennials – the scary part is that they have to pay taxes. Why is this scary? First of all, many of them view “Google” … Read More

Who’s At The Table?

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, you’re surely already thinking about who’s going to be there.  Maybe your significant other is already trying to figure out seating, and where to put everything once the meal is ready, but let’s take … Read More

November’s Amusing Tax Convictions

Normally, we cover “true” tax crimes here, but let’s face it, there are a LOT of worries when it comes to how your data and information can be used for other’s profits.  Case in point:  Melvin Orellana of Rome, Georgia, … Read More