Financial Planning

Fix It Or Junk It?

Over the last two years, supply chains and Covid have kept more Americans in older cars.  Folks who have never paid off a car are now driving vehicles they really “own” and – in a lot of cases – they’re … Read More

Tax Breaks for Everybody?

Let’s be honest:  As we approach the end of the year, most of you guys aren’t thinking about taxes. That’s my job! The problem with most “tax idea” articles is that the writers seem to live in places that real … Read More

Business Tips? Read the Handbook!

Almost all of us can agree:  the employee handbook at work might be the most boring and least read book in the world.  After all, it’s NOT a page turner, the subject matter can be incredibly boring, and frankly, you’re … Read More

Tax Breaks For The Next Generation

As much that has been written – good and bad – about the next generation, the Millennials – the scary part is that they have to pay taxes. Why is this scary? First of all, many of them view “Google” … Read More

Understanding “You”

Economists have borrowed a page from the psychologists when they realized that the person we are from high school, middle age and retirement are different.  More importantly, we don’t know what will make our future selves happy.         Economist George … Read More

Over 50? Check Out These Nice Tax Breaks!

The holiday season is rapidly approaching and that means a couple of things: for most of America, it’s time to spend money on presents, food, and drink AND that the year is coming to an end. Every year, in the … Read More

Where To Stash Emergency Funds?         

 Building up an emergency fund is one of the smartest steps you can take to ensure your financial and overall well-being. Emergency funds are liquid funds that you can tap into when the times get tough. Maybe you need to … Read More