Tax Resolution

The Top Tax Scams of 2020

For years now, the IRS has keep a page open on its website called “The Dirty Dozen” and it’s simply a listing of the latest and most common tax scams used recently.  Of course, we monitor that page as well … Read More

Amusing Tax Convictions; March

It hasn’t taken long for the fraudsters and dingbats to jump into new and exciting silliness for 2020.  In fact, as we all know, when it comes to paying taxes, everyone is an expert on “legal.”  Here’s a few folks … Read More

…And the Tax Scams are in FULL Swing…

Good Morning! For the last few weeks, I’ve been sharing a lot of financial “stuff” based on how so many people find themselves in hot water when it comes to money and spending.  This week, though, as tax season is … Read More

Just How Good do The Jones’ Have It?

Good Morning, Everybody jokes about “keeping up with the Jones’” when it comes to the call of buying things for the sake of buying them – and going into deep debt for the sake of appearance – but why? We’ve … Read More

The Hidden Challenges of Using Your Home

Good Morning- A few weeks ago, I had a conversation with a client who was exploring the various options for using the equity in his home as a way to pay down some other debts. He and his wife had … Read More

Amusing Tax Convictions

Well, we’ve started off 2020 with the attitude of “New Year, New Us” but for our friends in the Justice Department and the IRS, nothing has really changed.  We’re still seeing PLENTY of dummies trying to beat the system…  From … Read More

Lost in Debt? Here’s one way to regain control…

Good Morning, Now that the tax season is nearly in full swing, especially for individuals who work for other companies and have relatively “simple” W-2 based returns, we’re hearing a lot of things from clients. Things like how their tax … Read More

700 New Jobs at the IRS

The IRS will be hiring roughly 700 new staff members to assist with enforcement.  This should theoretically help resolve tax issues faster as you or your hired CPA, EA, or attorney could spend less time on hold and less time … Read More