W-2 Earners

Inflation Proofing

I took a little heat from my post last week, where I listed some ideas on how taxpayers could use refunds to create new money, and for the couple folks who want to spend their refund?  Great.  I totally understand.  … Read More

Tax Time: Go For The Refund, or No?

Not to be a downer, but if you get a refund come tax time, it means one thing: you had too much money withheld from your paycheck throughout the year and you gave the government an interest-free loan. Not that … Read More

Don’t Take the Early Refund Deal.

I’m sharing this as a sort of public service, because the truth is, I don’t like the whole “early refund” silliness… On the other hand, I cringe a little bit when I hear young people talking about getting their return … Read More

Is it a Scam? How to Know if the IRS is Really Calling

Here we are, in the middle of tax season and the scammers are coming on thick!  Years ago, in the world of paper returns and checks being mailed, you had to worry about a check being stolen, but now?  The … Read More

Short of Cash to Pay the Tax Man? Here’s What To Do

Well, time is getting closer and I’m already seeing it reflected in the local news and social media articles:  what can folks do if they have to pay the IRS this year instead of getting a refund?  In reality, this … Read More

Getting Better

For the last few months, the phrase “quiet quitting” has had some traction online, and frankly, I don’t understand the mentality.  Oh, I clearly comprehend the issues that drive it and the subsequent irrational reaction of “big business” to the … Read More

All That Stuff You Forgot To Ask Us

Every year, about this time, me and the team field call after call that starts with something like “…I forgot to ask you…” Fear not! We’ve been taking notes and we wanted to give you a few answers to the … Read More

More Taxpayers to Receive 1099s this Year

Well, within the next week or so, employers are (or should be) sending out W2s and thus begins the real work for me and the team.  One of the least common things for many people who get a regular paycheck … Read More

The Changing Face of College

Now that kids of all ages are back to school, it’s worth acknowledging how college is changing for many young people.  The last few years, of course, distance learning became the de-facto system, but many colleges and universities have been … Read More

What’s Your TIME Worth?

With all the negativity in the news in the last few months (well, it’s been there for years, but now, the negativity is on inflation and the rising cost of living), I think it’s worth talking about something beyond the … Read More