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December’s Real Estate Corner

Real estate deals falling through can be a frustrating experience for home buyers. In fact, statistics show that approximately 10 percent of real estate deals do not reach closing. However, there are steps that buyers can take to prevent this … Read More

November’s Real Estate Corner

What REALLY happens to close on a home?  “Closing” is that fine day on which the ownership of a house transfers from seller to buyer. Before that, a number of things have to happen:             1. Preparation: Once your offer … Read More

The Secret to Being a Good Tenant     

     Among all the many necessities of life, nearly everyone pays rent at some point in their lives, but some don’t realize how important this can be.             In the terms of housing, punctuality is more than a virtue – … Read More

October’s Real Estate Corner

Qualified mortgages are loans that meet strict guidelines set forth by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB). Lenders assess borrowers’ ability to repay the loan based on their financial information. QMs typically feature standardized terms, limited fees, and are considered … Read More

September’s Real Estate Corner

The choice between a 15-year mortgage and a 30-year mortgage has long been a subject of discussion, but the decision usually comes down to money and lifestyle.             One of the primary advantages of a 15-year mortgage is the significant … Read More

“Rich Dad” Was Right               

     Everyone either learns about money or learns about money the hard way             People who have $3 million or more usually have learned how to handle money, and they want to preserve their money – and like the seminal … Read More

August’s Real Estate Corner

Compared to other updates you can make on your house, a beautiful front door doesn’t cost that much, but it does give a cheerful welcome to guests and buyers alike.  It might not be top on your mind all the … Read More

July’s Real Estate Corner

If you want yours to be the best-looking home offer on the seller’s list, here are eight ideas to dress it up.             1. Make the right money offer. The best offer is, first and foremost, the right money offer. … Read More

June’s Real Estate Corner

 If you’ve never owned a house, or haven’t owned one in three years, a new Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA) mortgage discount program, launched in late December of 2022, can cut up to 1.75 percent from your mortgage rate.             … Read More

May’s Real Estate Corner

A home warranty can be a useful tool if you want to sweeten a deal for a potential buyer.  These warranties provide a service contract on major systems in a home. This can be reassuring for buyers, since no one … Read More