Real Estate Taxation

April’s Real Estate Corner

Lots of buyers talk about “locking in” their rate, but are they actually saying the right thing?  A mortgage rate lock freezes your interest rate after your loan is approved until the loan is closed.             Rate locks can be … Read More

March’s Real Estate Corner

Here’s a happy problem: Should you renovate or move? No matter what choice you make, you are going to have something better, but both require – and cause – some stress.                If this is your decision to make, start … Read More

February’s Real Estate Corner

The new year has already brought home buyers more homes to choose from and better prices, experts say.                According to MarketWatch, a fresh group of new construction homes will come on the market in 2023 as builders complete projects, … Read More

January’s Real Estate Corner

So you’ve finally saved up enough for a down payment, and interest rates have doubled.  Do you still buy?  Yes, you should buy.             Interest rates are higher than they have been in decades, however, when it comes to interest … Read More

December’s Real Estate Corner

 With the housing market slowing down and the end of the year literally right here, it’s smart to hedge your bets as a buyer with maximizing the perceived value you represent to a seller.  With that in mind, let’s clear … Read More

November’s Real Estate Corner

The red-hot real estate market is slowly cooling as sellers in big markets lower their prices, according to brokerage firms.               Notable in the market are urban areas in California and Utah, where prices were often set unrealistically high, Redfin … Read More

Cities Trying To Grow

Some tech workers are ditching San Francisco and other areas with high costs of living and relocating to more affordable areas instead.  As a result, many cities are rolling out the red carpet, aiming to attract highly skilled workers, along … Read More

October’s Real Estate Corner

 Mortgage rates have been up and down following the rate increases by the Federal Reserve, beginning with the one in March this year.  Those rate increases are aimed at controlling inflation, and while they have affected mortgage rates, the Fed … Read More

September’s Real Estate Corner

A contingent offer is a standard way that buyers agree to purchase a home if certain conditions are met. If the conditions are not met, then the buyer can back out of a sale.               For example, the home inspection … Read More

Real Estate Corner

Maybe you’ve already seen how the volatility in the stock and cryptocurrency markets have drained a lot of value from people’s holdings and that’s true.  If you are one of those lucky enough to have dodged that bullet – or … Read More