Cities Trying To Grow

Some tech workers are ditching San Francisco and other areas with high costs of living and relocating to more affordable areas instead.  As a result, many cities are rolling out the red carpet, aiming to attract highly skilled workers, along with the knowledge and tax revenues they bring with them.

       To entice remote workers, many cities are offering relocation bonuses and other perks. Why should you choose Tulsa over Memphis? Well, for one, Tulsa could pay you $10,000 to move. The cities that are most aggressively courting remote workers have suffered contracting or slow-growing populations. By drawing in new workers, cities hope to grow their tax base and attract high-value industries, such as tech and engineering.

       Tulsa is running one of the best-known programs, offering remote workers $10,000 grants and free access to co-working spaces. The local government also coordinates with other organizations to host events and to help newcomers feel welcomed.  At least 70 cities and regions have set up similar programs. The Northwest Arkansas Council launched a Life Works Here initiative, also providing $10,000 grants. Tuscon, Arizona provides $1,500 to cover relocation costs, plus other benefits.


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