Your Business & The IRS a survival guide book by Kyle Dugan EA CAA
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Your Business & The IRS; A Survival Guide

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Are There Shortcuts or Do You Really Have to Do the Work?

So many would-be entrepreneurs and business owners only want to jump in and open the doors. They want a get-rich-quick scheme that will let them buy a program today and be rich next week. Or successful. Or skinny. Or have … Read More

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Is It The End Of Free Shipping

For several years now, consumers have been able to rely on Amazon and its Prime program, which offers free and fast delivery, among other things. Other companies have also boasted free and low-cost delivery, but with rising fuel and labor … Read More

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Small Business Owners Need to get Back in the Garage

This month, I’ve been really carrying on about small business owners stepping into a larger role as the leader of their businesses, and while it might seem weird for a tax professional to be preaching this, the truth is simple: … Read More

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Do You Need To Keep EVERYTHING For Your Tax Records?  (Nope!)

As a tax professional, my team and I see a LOT of weird ways clients save paperwork.  Shoeboxes, expanding files, Ziploc bags, and PDFs are all viable, and seemingly useful.  But how long do you really need to keep those … Read More

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The Changing Face of College

Now that kids of all ages are back to school, it’s worth acknowledging how college is changing for many young people.  The last few years, of course, distance learning became the de-facto system, but many colleges and universities have been … Read More

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September’s Real Estate Corner

A contingent offer is a standard way that buyers agree to purchase a home if certain conditions are met. If the conditions are not met, then the buyer can back out of a sale.               For example, the home inspection … Read More

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Who Is Peter Thiel?

When you think of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, the founder and CEO, may come to mind first. But venture capitalist Peter Thiel also played a major role in Facebook, and he’s had a big part in other tech companies too. These … Read More

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Making a Team in Your Small Business

In a previous post, I made the mention of “Management By Walking Around” and some of you might have thought, by my comment, that it wasn’t a useful component for an entrepreneur.     Not at all!  It actually arose from … Read More

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What’s Your TIME Worth?

With all the negativity in the news in the last few months (well, it’s been there for years, but now, the negativity is on inflation and the rising cost of living), I think it’s worth talking about something beyond the … Read More

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