Tax Trouble

May’s Amusing Tax Convictions

Well, last month was certainly a busy one, but it’s interesting to note that, despite the many convictions in the last few months of plenty of unscrupulous preparers, there’s still plenty of deceit to go around.  In Utah, Ashley James … Read More

Options If You Owe Taxes?   

Well, the tax deadline is here, and even though it’s going to be nice to have another Tax Season in the books, some people will find that they don’t have enough cash to pay Uncle Sam. That could lead to … Read More

April’s Amusing Tax Convictions

As Tax Season winds down, it’s hard to not take a moment, when we peruse the latest Justice Department Tax Division news and not shake one’s head.  Seemingly daily, unscrupulous tax “professionals” are being sentenced to prison for all types … Read More

March’s Amusing Tax Convictions

Here we are in Tax Season “for real” and, as always, unscrupulous preparers are leading the charge to the prison!    The U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida has permanently enjoined a Miami-based tax return preparer Arnold … Read More

February’s Amusing Tax Convictions

It’s become all too common to report about unscrupulous preparers taking advantage of taxpayers, but a recent case in Chicago has a morbid twist.  Eunice Salley was convicted preparing and filing 22 false returns on behalf of her clients and … Read More

Payment Apps and Fraud?

There are lots of ways to get scammed out of money these days, but it is happening frequently with payment apps.  In a way, it had to happen, because just as sure as someone builds a better mousetrap, you’ll find … Read More

January’s Amusing Tax Convictions

Every month, we pick three of the most amusing convictions we find from Tax Court to share with our readers, but this month?  HOLY COW!  We wanted to share one WHOPPER of a fraud… The alleged mastermind of the scheme, … Read More

December’s Amusing Tax Convictions

Last month, we reported about a co-owner of several bars in Statesboro, Georgia (and former City Councilman) William Britt, who was convicted of tax evasion for manipulating the income of several bars he and others owned in the area.  Well, … Read More

November’s Amusing Tax Convictions

Normally, we cover “true” tax crimes here, but let’s face it, there are a LOT of worries when it comes to how your data and information can be used for other’s profits.  Case in point:  Melvin Orellana of Rome, Georgia, … Read More

Where Are Those 87,000 IRS Agents?

Within days of the passing of the Inflation Reduction Act in August, the IRS, having received an estimated $80 billion windfall, put out the call for new agents.  You might have seen the posts on social media – memes and … Read More