The Scammers Keep Going         

 Imposter scams and online shopping top the Federal Trade Commission’s 2022 list of financial frauds.  A new August 2023 survey from GoBanking questioned more than 1,100 Americans aged 18 and older to find that huge numbers of people have been victims of financial frauds. The top frauds:

      * Phone scams, like robocalls and texts: 43%

      * Money transfer or mobile payment services: 30%

            – The hardest hit at 43 percent are ages 18 to 24.

      * Online shopping: 23%

            – Scammers act like legitimate sellers and have a fake website or ad. 

      * Phishing: 18%

      * Imposter scam: 17%

            – Scammer pretends to be a loved one in trouble. 

      * Social Security scam: 16%

            – Surprisingly, those aged 25 to 34 are often victims.

      Also ranking high on the list were scams for debt collection, romance, and taxes.  They are out there!


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