September’s Amusing Tax Convictions

In a bizarre, high-end tax scheme, a 34-count Federal indictment accuses Michael L. Meyer of Davie, Florida, of organizing and selling access to an illegal tax shelter called the Ultimate Tax Plan to assist high-income individuals in reducing their taxes.  Meyer allegedly marketed the scheme as a way for clients to claim charitable contribution tax deductions without giving up control over the assets they purportedly donated to charity and advised that clients could still access their donated assets for their own personal use through tax-free loans and execute an “exit strategy” to buy back their donations at a significantly discounted rate.  The indictment further alleges that, to execute the scheme, Meyer prepared the boilerplate transaction documents, prepared appraisals of the purported donations, assisted clients in filing false tax returns, and controlled the charities that received the purported donations.  This one goes deep, so stay tuned!

 A federal court in the Southern District of Florida found Rose M. Chazulle in contempt of court for violating a permanent injunction prohibiting her from preparing or filing federal tax returns, and ordered she repay the United States more than $48,000 in ill-gotten fees. In 2016, the court permanently enjoined Ms. Chazulle from preparing tax returns for others, yet Ms. Chazulle continued her return preparation activities preparing returns using the identification numbers of others tax preparers. Based on Ms. Chazulle’s statements, the court found her in contempt for violating the permanent injunction and ordered her to surrender the monies she collected in violation of the injunction.

The United States filed a complaint in the Eastern District of Missouri to bar a St. Louis-based tax preparer from assisting in preparing federal income tax returns for others. The allegations state since 2017, Diane Shontae Williams, prepared tax returns for customers that falsely decrease the amount of tax that customers owe or falsely increase her customers’ refunds. Allegedly, Williams fabricated all manner of claims to reduce the taxes owed by her clients. 


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