Real Estate Corner

Maybe you’ve already seen how the volatility in the stock and cryptocurrency markets have drained a lot of value from people’s holdings and that’s true.  If you are one of those lucky enough to have dodged that bullet – or to have had a significant enough savings to still have investable assets handy, then the recent rate cuts from the Fed could mean this is an ideal time to look into the real estate market.

You’ve heard me discuss this for a long time now – the importance of not only diversifying, but also, the real value that real estate investment offers us. 

It’s not going anywhere.  It’s tangible.  Of course home values can and do fluctuate, but with money so incredibly inexpensive to borrow, now is an optimum time to be plotting your entry or expansion into real estate investment. 

Nothing is written in stone, but by the time you’ll read this, the Stimulus Bill will have been put into motion and the long-term opportunities to enter the real estate market will be documented.  I urge you to take this time, as you shelter in place, to learn as much as you can about what’s going on within the various types of real estate available to you.  Perhaps it’s multi-family, or self storage, or triple net leases.  All are viable and all have their pros and cons. 

If you keep finding yourself drawn to real estate, then let’s have a chat soon!


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