August’s Real Estate Corner

Compared to other updates you can make on your house, a beautiful front door doesn’t cost that much, but it does give a cheerful welcome to guests and buyers alike.  It might not be top on your mind all the time, but it’s the first thing a visitor sees.

            It is actually part of the landscaping, according to HGTV, and you should pay attention to it when you put your house on the market because it can make or break your home’s appeal, attracting buyers from a distance.

            The whole front entrance, including porch and door, can set the tone for your home and make it feel well-maintained and secure. The porch and any furniture should be clean and tidy, not cluttered with many plants or decorations. The door itself should be, at minimum, as clean and attractive as the porch and entrance.

            Here are some elements to consider with your front door:

            Color: Houses with stone or hard materials often look good with a contrasting paint. But it can be tricky to get exactly the right color.

            Materials: The door material should be suitable to the house. A lovely mahogany stained door might look great on some houses, but on others it could be overkill. A security or screen door can also be attractive and offer a way to bring a breeze or light into the house and keep your home from looking like a fortress.

            Security: Door security is important. A door with windows can be breached and in some areas, this is a serious consideration. Some steel core doors are both affordable and secure.


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