Financial Planning

You’re still going to owe…

Nothing gets me madder than hucksters taking advantage of people, (first name) and this is no exception! Maybe you’ve heard those folks on the radio, or television, who are pitching how their company can settle tax debts for “pennies on … Read More

Is Your 401(k) All You Need?

No, your 401(k) is not going to be “enough” to retire comfortably on.  Let’s just quit deluding ourselves about that before we go any further.  There’s good news, though, and it’s simple news:  you have a lot of options to … Read More

Getting Your Withholding Right

Think back to your first day on the job.  TONS of paperwork, lots of new faces, plenty of nervousness.  Chances are, whomever was doing that paperwork with you was simply rolling right through it (or it was all on a … Read More

How About a Spending Plan?    

      Maybe you are not a detail person. You sit down, look through all your spending and, suddenly you are caught up in tiny details.  Think about it – tracking your expenses from the purchase of new socks doesn’t sound … Read More

Making The Most Of It

Let me ask you a blunt question:  Were you happy with the refund you got last year?  In many cases, that answer is a resounding “NO!” and even though we try to maximize returns for all of our clients, sometimes, … Read More

How Much Cash Should You Have?               

Money is going digital. When your check goes straight to your bank account and you pay your bills directly from that account, you might never see an actual bank note.  On the other hand, should you have some cash on … Read More

The REAL Costs of Higher Interest

For over a year now, we’ve been dealing with rising interest rates to “curb” inflation, and while it supposedly is helping, stuff still costs too much.  Yes, it’s kept the price of televisions down at the box retail stores, but … Read More

Is AI Worth the Work?       

     Before we move forward, let’s take a step back. From 1848 to 1850, San Francisco’s population surged from roughly a thousand people to over 25,000 amid the California Gold Rush. Now, a gold rush of a different sort is … Read More

I Guess It Was A Little Intense…

Last week, as I do each week, I sent out an post with some friendly advice, and some folks took exception to it.  Specifically, they got upset that I implied if they felt they had made some bad financial decisions … Read More

Back To School

…And so it begins – another school year, and another fall season.  As you recover from a busy summer and prepare for fall, and all the images that term evokes, I want to ask you how you’re doing with your … Read More