The “Money Fear” Factor—Why It’s Time to Invest in Q4

Do you ever look at your budget and think, “I should wait until next year to invest in that marketing initiative, update that outdated software, or even invest in myself and my education with some additional training?”   You’re not alone; the fear of opening your wallet wider in the last quarter is a common syndrome I like to call “Q4 financial freeze.”

We’re nearly ALL guilty of it, and for good reasons:  nearly EVERY company and institution seems to budget improperly (or too optimistically) and by the fourth quarter – the money’s “gone.” 

Here’s the problem:  the fourth quarter is a full quarter of the year!  When I hear an established business or – even worse – a government agency – tell me this, I immediately know there’s a budgeting problem, but when I hear a small business owner tell me? 

That’s simply a bad habit that’s needs to be changed.

So let’s talk about this gorilla in the room—investing in Q4 is not just okay; it’s often a savvy move.  You see, while everyone else is tightening their belts, you have an opportunity to capitalize on less competition and get ahead.

Why Now?

Year-end financial reviews can bring about surplus budget.  What’s the point of hoarding it? Companies that invest in Q4 often see ROI as early as Q1 of the next year.  It’s like planting seeds in the fall and reaping a winter harvest—except this harvest can be made of leads, brand recognition, and oh, cash money.

How are you going to find the funding?  For starters, you need to take the time to review your financials today.  Look for any wiggle room and think about where a wise investment can bring in profits.

In other words, stop waiting for unicorns.

Too many times, I see business owners decide towait for a “perfect” moment to make financial moves.  Guess what?  Perfect moments are like unicorns: glamorous but nonexistent.  By waiting, you’re essentially throwing a “maybe later” on your own success.

So if you feel like your business needs a Q4 revamp but not sure where to start?  Schedule a quick minute call with us.  We’re all about showing you a solid ROI.  No unicorns, just results.

Let’s close this year out stronger than ever!


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