The Myth of “Taking It Easy” in Q4

Picture this: It’s the last quarter, the finish line is in sight, and you’re tempted to slow down.  After all, everybody else is taking it easy, folks are on vacation, “Thanksgiving” seems to last all week, and you can hear that little voice in your head telling you, “You’ve worked hard all year; it’s time to take it easy.”

Ah, the seductive allure of slowing down.

But let’s hit pause on that lullaby, shall we? Who said the last lap of the race is for coasting? Ever watched a 100m sprint? That last stretch is where winners are made!

As a tax professional, there’s still plenty to do – from advising my clients on what to contribute and how much to making sure they’re aligned in their quarterly payments. 

What business owners can’t do is allow other people’s laziness to dictate their own success. 

Let’s get something straight; taking it easy doesn’t mean you’re relaxing.  Most likely, that type of thinking will only end up creating a backlog for the next quarter.  No one wants to start the New Year playing catch-up.  So, why not take the proactive route?  Identify areas that need a Q4 power-up and just do it.

When my business clients ask, I always tell them now is the perfect time to carefully scan their business—marketing, sales, customer service, and especially spending – to look at what they can build or generate now versus being behind when the New Year gets here. 

Trust me, there’s at least one spot that could use a boost, then rev up that engine. It’s pedal to the metal time!

Wrapping up Q4 on a high note sets the tone for the upcoming year.  Hit your goals, exceed them even, and ride that momentum straight into Q1.  It’s like being shot out of a cannon but in a good way—a really good way!

…And don’t think I’m immune to the fact business is “harder” when so many clients have written off the year already.  Finding opportunities now can be like hunting for a needle in a haystack, but you just have to retain (or regain!) your own optimism. 

Of course, this is also an ideal time to look at your own business spending and determine why you might be running a bit low on income (or have spent all your budgeted funds before the year is over). 

So, by all means, if you’re trying to find the funds or establish a smarter budget for 2024, let’s have a call. 

Don’t let the holidays slow down your success. 

All the best,


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