Business Taxes

If everyone is doing them, are they still “best practices”?

One of those annoying catchphrases that the business “gurus” like to use today is “best practices.” Blech! To read them, as a business owner, is usually like reading a list of common-sense ideas that any entrepreneur worthy of the title … Read More

Business Tips? Read the Handbook!

Almost all of us can agree:  the employee handbook at work might be the most boring and least read book in the world.  After all, it’s NOT a page turner, the subject matter can be incredibly boring, and frankly, you’re … Read More

Who’s At The Table?

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, you’re surely already thinking about who’s going to be there.  Maybe your significant other is already trying to figure out seating, and where to put everything once the meal is ready, but let’s take … Read More

The Importance of Building a Team

First of all, let me tell you something:  YOU are among the best of the best.  You’ve taken things far past many others and built a business.  Yes, that might have plenty of challenges, but the fact remains:  most people … Read More

The Value of the Right Team in Your Business

Stop me if you’ve heard this before:  A small business owner, frustrated by doing their own books, hires a bookkeeper to begin handling the books in their business.  That bookkeeper recommends a CPA, and everything seems “on the level” so … Read More

Business Tips From The Greatest Showman

  If you want to learn how to grow your business, learning from one of the greatest showmen in history is certainly a good place to start. P.T. Barnum is still a household name, even though his famous circuses are … Read More

Not Feeling Your 9-5?  Reconsider Small Business

No matter what changes occur in the workplace, there will always be some level of employees that aren’t happy.  Sure, for some, complaining is simply “part of the job,” but for others, workplace challenges and issues that aren’t addressed can … Read More

Are You Financially Ready For 2023?

Look, let’s be honest – 2022 is over now.  Inflation, higher taxes, higher interest rates? …And the fourth quarter is only at its beginning.  The big companies have already stamped “paid” to this year – even some of the larger … Read More

Are There Shortcuts or Do You Really Have to Do the Work?

So many would-be entrepreneurs and business owners only want to jump in and open the doors. They want a get-rich-quick scheme that will let them buy a program today and be rich next week. Or successful. Or skinny. Or have … Read More

Making a Team in Your Small Business

In a previous post, I made the mention of “Management By Walking Around” and some of you might have thought, by my comment, that it wasn’t a useful component for an entrepreneur.     Not at all!  It actually arose from … Read More