Don’t Forget to File Your Taxes

I mentioned this last week in my post to you, but time IS growing short to handle any extensions.  Corporate is due to be filed next month on the 15th, and mid-October is when personal taxes have to be filed. 

My point isn’t to “scare” anybody, but to remind folks. 

NOT just those who have extensions needing to be filed, but for business owners and entrepreneurs who need to vet ideas or get guidance.  Our schedules fill up in September and August.   

That little fact can make it seem like we’re constantly “busy-busy-busy” when clients reach out for some fourth-quarter planning and we can’t immediately accommodate them.  Nothing could be farther from the truth, but what does happen is simple, and happens time and time again for any – and every – business.  People get busy. 

School lets back in.  Football season starts.  People begin to think about the holidays. 

Before you know it?  It’s the fourth quarter, or the end of the year. 

With all that in mind, then, take my advice:  dig into your business performance, review the goals you set and your year to date data, and let’s look at it. 

Are there changes we need to make? 

What things do we need to do to manage your tax liabilities proactively? 

Frankly, IF you’ve got data, we can begin to look at 2024, too.  How could that impact you and your business?  With interest rates continuing to rise, projecting 2024 results can offer you some valuable guidance on things like investments, capital expenditures, and, yes, what and when you should make larger purchases. 

Being active now means you’ll have far more control over the impact interest rates – and the economy in general – can have on you, your company, and your family. 

…But let’s talk soon, before time slips away.

All the best,


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