Could you double your income? 

A few days ago, a friend of mine and I were talking about business and she asked an interesting question:  If I wanted to, could I double my income this year? 

I thought about it a few minutes, and I realized that, honestly, if I dug in and really had to, I believe I could.  So why haven’t I?

Convenience, I think?  Maybe comfort?  I really don’t know, but what I do know is I believe in myself and my skills.

What about you? 

If you had to double your income, could you?  I don’t mean maxing out overtime, or taking on a second job, but what about finding a similar position that appreciates your skills and pays you for the high-quality work you know how to do? 

What would change in your life because of that financial change?  How much (more) would you save towards your retirement, or towards your family’s needs?  What would you do next year?  Would you continue to aspire to make more, or would you rest on your laurels? 

Here’s the thing:  It’s frustrating for me, as a tax professional, to see so many hard working people tolerate small raises, bad employers, and crummy working conditions when the skills they have are so much more valuable, and I hope this email inspires you to think about how important you really are to the right employer. 

If you’re ready to do more and make more, maybe we should talk about it…

Until then?  Have a great day,


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