They’re Already Going Back To School? 

I took a lot of heat from folks for a post I sent out last week that seemed to indicate I believe business owners should have some kind of Spartan lifestyle and not spend ANY money on “fun” things, or even a nicer vehicle. 

Nothing could be farther from the truth – you should be able to enjoy the fruits of your labor!  My point was far simpler:  the “good” things in life aren’t really even things. 

They’re time with those we care about, or time pursuing the things we want, or time to spend on tasks or hobbies that bring us enjoyment outside the office. 

All too often, I see people using their hobbies as an excuse to buy far more than they need. 

The seventeen-foot boat catches as many bass as the 23 footer. 

A good set of Pings that 2-3 years old hits just as well as the new ones.

One good softball bat is as useful as four. 

Yes, sometimes our hobbies simply bring us joy, and I’m all for treating yourself to them, but NOT simply for the sake of consumption. 

Case in point:  A friend of mine spends a great deal of money on his car collection, but guess what?  Those cars continue to rise in value, so while they might not appreciate as fast as, say, the latest stock the NASDAQ is fired up about, he won’t “lose” money if he decides he needs another Chevelle SS.  He can turn it into cash quickly. 

On the other hand, that new set of Ping I525 irons?  They’re only new once, so the $1100 you spent is simply gone after you hit them the first time. 

Let’s get back to the real point of this email:  Summer is rapidly coming to a close, and that means school will be back in session soon.  Instead of worrying about money, this week? 

Worry about time. 

Take the family out to breakfast on weekday.  Leave the office early and go to a movie.  Invite them to meet you for lunch. 

Quit confusing the importance of money with the far higher importance of time. 

They’ll remember it far more than you might think. 

All the best,


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