Where Are You In The Third Quarter

We’re kicking off the third quarter of the year, and even though it’s “vacation” time and summer is in full effect, how’s your business going? 

It’s a loaded question – and one you’re probably asked all the time.  Folks from church, the Chamber meeting last week, your clients who stop by, even other tax professionals you speak to throughout the week. 

I get them, too, so we both know the answer we usually give, “Great!  How about yours?” is nonsensical.  It’s only a combination of words put together to move a conversation along. 

…But how IS your business going? 

Have you been looking at last year’s data versus this year?  How about your financial goals? 

Yes, the business environment is challenging, but every year has its issues.  Look on the bright side:  fuel costs are down from last year, inflation is (sort of) lower, and interest rates?  Well, they’re higher, but still FAR better than, say, four decades ago!

The point of this is merely to say, success is in the eye of the beholder, and even though tax professionals are generally a pessimistic (or at least pragmatic) lot of folks, I’m very bullish on how successful many of our clients are going to be this year. 

Why?  Well, for starters, communication

This year, I’ve tried to make a far larger impact on not only serving folks like you, but also, to get my business clients to really look deeper into the metrics of their business.  The numbers, the profits, how cash flows through their business (and into their pockets), and how they can document that flow to improve the value of their company. 

We’re doing that through more conversations and by making more data available to them, plain and simple. 

Now, truth be told, I can’t “Make” anyone look at reports, and if those reports aren’t clear, they’ve got to pick up the phone or send an email to gain that clarity, but, as Daymond John, founder of FUBU says, “Don’t get mad, get data.” 

So here’s my promise to you:  If you aren’t sure how your business is doing versus your expectations or last year, let’s have a call or set up a meeting.  It’s critically important to know where you’re going, and there’s absolutely NO reason you shouldn’t know where you’ve been and exactly how your business is doing.  I’ve got time set aside this month to have that conversation, just reach out and let’s talk.

All the best,


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