What Are You Going To Do Differently?

Now that summer is officially here, kids are out of school, and many business owners are planning vacations and maybe taking a bit of time off, let me ask you this:  have you thought of the things you’d like to change in your business?

Most business owners I pose this question to immediately respond with answers revolving around time or money.  They want to spend less time in their business and they always want to make more money. 

There’s just one problem:  They never think of a plan to make either thing happen!

So they continue to dream and build sand castles while their business stagnates.  Even worse?  Sometimes external events work “for” these owners to allow them to suddenly make a big jump in their income, or they hire a “great” employee that can save them time. 

Sure, it’s a great feeling, but they didn’t do anything. 

They can’t replicate it – it’s the same sort of luck that they’d have had if they simply won the lottery. 

In reality, making more money is simple – either A.) get more prospects or B.) close more sales.  One is a marketing problem (getting more prospects) and one is a tactical problem (learning how to close more sales). 

In rare cases, business owners learn how to address both these items, and then?  The sky really is the limit!

So, what are you doing in your business to facilitate either one of these?  The truth is, there are tons of options, ranging from free to truly expensive, but the results can have a dramatic effect on your income – from now on. 

In short?  You need to take action. 

…But what about time?  Every business owner wants more or it, too.  Well, the truth is, if you’re spending time training and polishing your marketing and sales skills, you’re likely giving up that time somewhere else in your life.  Think of this ONLY in terms of the short term, but ALWAYS plan on creating a long-term solution. 

As an example, let’s say this year you really dig into marketing on Facebook.  You spend long hours reading and learning about it, create your business page, create an ad, and begin generating leads from it.  Great!

In time, you should be moving that set of tasks off your list of things to do – you hire someone (either internally or externally) to handle the marketing for you (thus giving you back your time) and then?  Really begin to drill into your sales training. 

In the long run, you will decrease the amount of time you’re spending in both marketing and sales, and thus?  The amount of time you have to spend in your business. 

Yes, you have to spend time up front, but in the end?  You’ll get time (and money) on the back side of this hard work. 

…And you’ll thank me for it then!

All the best,


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