Time’s Almost Up

Many, many times, I try to make my writings less about the tactics and strategies surrounding taxes and preparation and more about business ideas and tactics that make sense for all of my entrepreneurial clients.  The nice part of this is the simplest part:  I can research an idea that does touch many of my clients and devise a “theme” to build on. 

Yes, I hear some comments about that from time to time, but the truth is, I’ve got clients in so many different financial scenarios and business structures that it’s a rare “one size fits all” nugget of information I can share in an email. 

…But not this week.  We’re literally closing in on deadlines for when we can guarantee returns can be filed, so let me say it plainly:

If you haven’t gotten it here yet, the horse is likely out of the barn. 

I’ve got to urge you to take a moment today, go back through emails, verify the “sent” status on docs and attachments, and if there’s any doubt, reach out!

…And no, this doesn’t mean we’ve lost anything, or there are any problems, but it does mean, frankly, that a second set of eyes – especially yours – on your information, statements, and so on, helps us to ensure everything is here, everything is clear, and the team can be as efficient as possible. 

Let’s face it, for business owners, March is WAY bigger and more important than April, so take a few minutes today to double check things.  It’s cheap insurance, and it keeps everything flowing smoothly.  After all, we both know if there’s an issue, things stop moving forward, and inevitably, we discover something missing at 4:56 p.m. on the one day you had to leave the office early. 

Make it a great day!


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