The Height of Tax Season

Here we are, smack in the thick of tax season, EVERY tax professional’s “least favorite” time of the year (more on that later…) and yet, I’m writing when I should be up to me ears in returns.

How is that? 

Well, the truth is, as a business owner, you and I both know that communication is key, and even though the mere act of sharing on social media, or sending an email, or even a text or a meme might seem to be a waste of time, guess what? 

It’s all about relationships. 

Confirming, engaging, nurturing, reassuring … all of the above. 

Think about it:  how many times does a simple one-minute phone call to a loved one make them smile?  (Hint:  ALL of the time)

So, yeah, the team and I are busy and it is the height of tax season, but our busy-ness doesn’t trump your busi-ness.  Sure, it could be an excuse to ignore clients, and I know plenty of tax professionals who secretly relish the idea of being buried in returns and preparation work so they can avoid the other aspects of their business with the excuse of being “too busy.” 

…And more than a few business owners fall into this trap, too. 

The bigger point in all this isn’t to beat my chest and proclaim how wonderful our systems are here, it’s to remind you, as a business owner, being busy doesn’t last if you won’t build relationships.  Yes, as a profession, my colleagues and I are awash in things to do, but guess what? 

Tax season will end.  When it does, those of us who have continued to foster relationships with our clients will take a deep breath, maybe a few days off, and get right back into the office with full schedules.  The same holds true for the fellow who owns a retail store in the Holiday season, or a business that caters to tourists, and so on…

Every one of us, as business owners, MUST remember to make time to foster our business relationships with clients and prospects. 

To your success!


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