All That Stuff You Forgot To Ask Us

Every year, about this time, me and the team field call after call that starts with something like “…I forgot to ask you…”

Fear not! We’ve been taking notes and we wanted to give you a few answers to the most common questions that we’ve heard this year, along with some observations about how the IRS is treating things a little differently these days.

Choosing E-file is smarter and faster…

Now, it’s essentially been a requirement for the last few years that most taxpayers would have to file electronically and the E-file process is great.  You get your refund faster, you can see (usually) at-a-glance if there were any issues with your returns, and the system is able to catch errors in seconds instead of weeks, like in the “good old days.”

There is one catch, though, and that is when taxpayers use software or file themselves: they may be tempted to make dangerous (and costly) assumptions regarding what is right and what the IRS actually allows.  No matter how easy it is to E-file, please, please, please –sit down with us and let’s make sure you have all your data properly documented.

Use Direct Deposit.

Combining direct deposit with electronic filing is now simply the fastest way for you to get your refund. With direct deposit, a refund goes directly into the sanctioned bank account, with no reason to worry about a lost, stolen or undeliverable refund check. This is the same electronic transfer system now used to deposit nearly 98 percent of all Social Security and Veterans Affairs benefits.  Nearly four out of five federal tax refunds are direct deposited.

Stay organized.

This one comes up every year, but I can never stress it enough.  Right now, taxpayers are stressing and trying to track down paperwork and documents they set aside “where they’d remember them.”  It happens every year, and I will never stop advising my clients to have both a digital and tangible storage space set aside specifically for that year’s tax data. 

Me and the team are here for you to field any questions that you might have, but until then, make it a great week!


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