The Face Behind Marketplace

Some of the biggest moves in the business world fly under the radar, even as they have a massive impact on organizations and society at large. While celebrity CEOs like Elon Musk make international headlines, Deb Liu never made the front pages when she launched Facebook Marketplace. Regardless, her efforts changed the way many people buy and sell.

       Interestingly enough, Liu first pitched integrating commerce into Facebook during a job interview with the social media titan in 2009. Liu landed the job, but the commerce idea failed to gain traction for five years. Nevertheless, she persisted, and the project slowly snowballed.

       Ultimately, Liu approached her time at Facebook with the mindset of an entrepreneur. She continued to pursue her vision for integrating commerce and in 2016, Facebook Marketplace launched.

       The rest is history. Facebook Marketplace drummed up $26 billion in revenue in 2021 and Meta says that a billion shoppers use the platform every month. These days, folks use Facebook Marketplace to run virtual garage sales or even to clear vehicles out of their garage.

       As for Deb Liu, she left Meta in 2021 to pursue new ventures. Currently, she is the CEO of, the world’s largest for-profit genealogy company.



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