Thinking Long Term

One thing not enough people consider is long-term care (LTC). These plans typically help cover the costs for services like in-home care, stays at nursing homes and assisted living facilities, and adult daycare programs. Traditional insurance plans and Medicare/Medicaid often cover only limited aspects of LTC and may prove inadequate.

When people need care over time, it’s often because they’re seriously ill, recovering from an operation, or have an impairment. It’s smart to prepare for such hardships by enrolling in an LTC health insurance program. Yet, as of 2020, only 7.5 million Americans had LTC coverage, forcing them to pay out of pocket.  This can seriously impact families, since Medicare covers only short-term stays. Long-term care insurance can protect your nest egg, with the price of chronic care easily exceeding $50-100K annually. 

How about costs? A LTC plan will cost a 55-year-old male about $950 a year and a female about $1,500. For a 65-year-old, the plan would cost $1,700 and $2,700, respectively. If you select a plan with inflation adjustments, costs go up.

Keep in mind, these are only averages. Like traditional insurance plans, you can select more basic LTC plans that offer more affordable premiums. Likewise, you may be able to add LTC coverage to existing health insurance plans and save money.


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