Becoming Visible

We recently took on a new business client that inspired this email.  No, I’m not going to name names, or even share their industry with you, but what inspired me to share some of their details was the incredible positivity they brought to our meetings and communications. 

Like many of our business clients, they have been successful in their field and had spent many years previously on the corporate side until opening up their business five years ago.

Now, they want to change that.

In our first call, they said to me, point blank:  “I’m tired of ‘enough’.  In 2023, I’m pulling out all the stops, investing in my business, investing in myself, and we’re going to move the needle.

He paused for a moment, “No, that’s not right.  We’re going to rethink what the needle even measures.”

As the meeting progressed, the goals became more obvious:

  • Increase sales 5X (!)
  • Increase the lifetime value of the client
  • Increase the profitability by 4X
  • The new marketing budget was 2.5 times last years, and included forays into platforms and tactics not previously utilized

Finally, the owner also shared how he was no longer going to be content with having a comfortable lifestyle business, but he was ready to step up and be counted as an influencer in his field and to embrace the knowledge he had. 

Honestly?  It was inspiring. 

Here was a man who, by all rights could simply rest on his laurels and have a solid, upper-middle income existence.  Nice car, nice house, nice office; yet he was tired of merely going through the motions. 

Midlife crisis?  Near-death experience?  I don’t know, but in those first few conversations, his excitement, honestly, got me fired up to dig into my own business. 

What had I not done for my clients? 

Where did they need my experience to make more money? 

How could I effectively engage with them to answer the questions they didn’t know they needed answers to? 


It’s tax season, and our days here are busy.  But the inspiration lasts. 

If there are financial or tax items in your business or personal life that you haven’t considered, but might need to, let me know.  Let’s have a call where we dig into what you’re doing now and what you’re really planning on doing in the future. 

How will you continue to grow your business year after year, or how can you sell it for the highest possible value in the years to come? 

Are there ways you and I haven’t explored that could further mitigate your tax bills, or are there strategies to put in place now to command higher profits in the next decade? 

I’m excited about our newest client, but not just for his sake, but because he’s inspiring me to think bigger for all of my friends and clients, too.    I look forward to hearing from you


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