<strong>Have You Already Forgotten? </strong>

How are you doing on your resolutions?
A lot of folks have already given up, especially on their personal resolutions, but what about the ones you made for business?
I truly hope you are still working on those, and before tax season really gets going, let me know how we can serve you to keep those moving forward.
(Hint: it’s about time to send out those W2s and 1099s – if you haven’t then there’s still time, but you’d better get moving!)
Okay, back to the business.
I’m serious about trying to help you push your business goals forward. Most of us in the world of tax professionals tend to look “backward” because its what we’ve been taught. It’s a terribly hard habit to break, but honestly?
If we could find more money in your business, could you (or would you) use it to grow that business or would you merely pocket it and think nothing of it? I’m willing to bet most of my readers would use it to grow, and I firmly believe we can find more money for you.
We should seriously have that talk. Not in a few months, when my team and I are up to our elbows in taxes, but right now, before the silliness really gets rolling.
So let’s get back to those resolutions. As a tax professional, I’m biased to find the money first and then spend it, rather than hope and pray that “if we spend it, more will show up.” But think about how “finding” enough to pay one more full- or part-time employee could work in your favor…
Could that mean some more marketing, driving new prospects to your business?
Would that hire another sales person?
Selfishly, could that get you some help around the house – a landscaper, or a housekeeper – to allow you to focus on sales or production rather than constantly “chasing” household duties that steal business hours?
And what would it mean to you and ALL your resolutions? More time at the gym? More time with the family? More time, period.
I’ll look for your call, and let’s dig in a bit to find you more…
All the best-


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