How Us “Regular” Folks Can Create Wealth

This month, I’ve been spending a lot of time discussing how us “regular” folks can create wealth.  Frankly, I’m never surprised when someone shares they aren’t sure what their 401(k) is doing.    

Seriously. When I was still in the workaday world, I would ask my coworkers about their investment strategies and they either knew exactly what they were doing or nothing about it at all.  Most of us, “back then” weren’t even in a place to have an investment strategy, and if we did have a 401(k), we barely understood it. 

Some folks bought because they liked the company, or their parents had worked there, or they liked the way the prospectus was laid out. 

Very few times did I receive answers that could be regarded as “informed.”

Take the term “growth” in mutual funds. 

A lot of employees assume that “growth” is going to result in higher earnings, and it usually isn’t so.  Yes, the companies in the fund are “growing” but the usual result is a lower dividend. 

…And potentially lower “perceived” value from investors, keeping the value of the fund down. 

It’s great for investors making the long play, but maybe not so good for building value in a 401(k). 

Of course, the biggest problem with company-based 401(k)s is they are rarely administered by the company, usually that’s handled by another company contracted to do that. 

…And those guys rarely have a fiduciary responsibility to take care of that business’ employees.  Instead, they want to push “their” portfolio into the employee pool to drive the value of the overall investment higher. 

And make money.  Whether that employee makes any.  Whether that employee can ever afford to retire. 

A lot of you guys – myself included many years ago – bought right into this scam. 

It’s time to “buy” out of it!

There’s never been an easier time to get educated on your options for retirement and it’s really never been easier to invest in the specific platform you feel most comfortable with.  Just as critically, I HAVE to strongly suggest that these last few years should have proven to you how little many companies’ care for employees. 

If there was ever a situation that required employees to become smarter about how they can control their own destinies, this is it!  The cost of living, rising interest rates, and a government that cannot manage its own budget is most certainly not worried about yours. 

There are dozens of ways to create the retirement you want, but they all begin with one thing – the capital to enjoy it. 

Having that capital begins with understanding who you have investing those funds and having faith they are truly acting in your best interests and growing YOUR money, not just their bank accounts. 

There are loads of ways to do this and when you’re ready to get started, my team and I are here to help you get pointed in the right direction. 

Let’s make this a GREAT 2023!


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