Your Business Plan in 2023

You know, last week, when I posted “New Year, New (focus on) Business?” I didn’t think I’d have so many people respond.  Frankly, there wasn’t really a reason to respond to it, but time and again, I had messages from business owners like you who took some inspiration from that email.

Look, I’m not a coach, I just hate it when good people get frustrated and circumstances conspire against them and their success. 

Sure, the last few years have offered plenty of excuses, but we were all there when the mantra was “pivot!” and a lot of us did. 

Clients of mine in the seminar business suddenly got really good at Zoom and virtual events.  Others got crystal clear on taking their business into new remote territory, and still others took the leap they’d been dreading and simply opened up that “dream” job and dug in. 

I’m fortunate to know some of the “backstory” for these folks, and here’s what that means:  I’m not going to tell you.  I will say this, though, each of them is inspired to win this year, and none of them are going to “win” in the same way. 

One’s vowed to create systems in his business that limit his client interaction to only his higher-value clients. 

Another has decided this is the year she hires a VA (virtual assistant) to handle her scheduling and all her social media posting.

Still another has decided this is the year he’s going to break $10K a month.

And one more notable has assured me he’s “all-in” to stop relying on word-of-mouth advertising and begin actively marketing his company “to break it and rebuild it so it works in a higher tax bracket.” 

Beauty and success are in the eyes of the beholder, and every one of these goals clients have set will, ultimately, rely on them identifying weak spots in their business and bolstering them with systems, people, and processes. 

Here’s some ideas that, while seemingly simple, can put you on that same path…

  • Quit ignoring the money!  Money never “takes care of itself” and, while I love and appreciate the fact your trust me and the team, any business that is truly ready to grow is a business that zealously watches its money.  As an entrepreneur, one of your biggest responsibilities is just that:  to know every day not only “where” the money is, but it’s exact route through your business.  (and yes, I can help you with that, when you decide it’s important enough.)
  • Establish a schedule in your business.  It might seem simple, but having a thorough daily a weekly set of items to “do” which can give you an accurate snapshot of your company – what’s completed, what’s still to be sone, and what’s next – that can save you hours of wasted time each month.  Create a list of the questions you know you need answers to and then?  Create a system to get those answers.
  • Build fences.  The world is not going to end if you set boundaries, both for yourself and your customers.  If you are tired and stressed from handling problems on the weekend?  Simple!  Quit working on the weekend!  Yes, some existing clients and customers might be put off by this, but if it becomes the standard, then in short order, you’ll have made huge steps to a better quality of life for you and your business. 

You might be thinking, “these are stupidly simple” and you’d be absolutely correct.  But it’s funny how, in reality, so many entrepreneurs and business owners allow themselves to ignore the basics and willingly put themselves “on call” for every client. 

2023 is going to be great, but imagine how much better it will be with more money in your bank account and more time to live? 

All the best-


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