Happy New Year!

Let’s get something out of the way right now:  this email isn’t going to save you anything on your taxes. 

It’s not going to give you any sage advice on financial strategies.

It’s not a reminder to stay organized with your tax liabilities all through the year. 

It’s far simpler than any of that.

I want to wish you a happy holiday season. 

This has been a very challenging year for many families and businesses, and those challenges have come at the end of a the Covid pandemic, just when people were beginning to get things sorted out.  Now, we’ve got incredibly high inflation, challenges with rising interest rates, and worries about volatility in the various money markets. 

In short?  It would seem we might not have a lot to be thankful for this year, but in reality?

I believe we do. 

No matter where you are in terms of earnings, you’ve got the opportunity to earn more.

No matter where you find yourself in terms of politics, you live in a place where your vote counts. 

No matter whom or what you worship, you live in a place where you are free to do that. 

I truly believe we are heading towards a better 2023, and we all have the same chance to make it the best year we’ve ever had.  Surely there will be challenges (like we aren’t used to that already!), but if we’ll simply choose to see the opportunity in those challenges, we can all make the most of the New Year – and profit from our hard work and focus. 

I wish you the best this holiday season, and I look forward to continuing our relationship into the New Year. 

Season’s Greetings and Warm Regards-


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