Business Tips? Read the Handbook!

Almost all of us can agree:  the employee handbook at work might be the most boring and least read book in the world.  After all, it’s NOT a page turner, the subject matter can be incredibly boring, and frankly, you’re not going to get paid to read it, so why bother? 

Well not checking out your copy – especially for those folks who are just beginning their careers or have just begun working for a new company – can cost you dearly.  Some new data even suggests that, unfortunately, 60 percent of employees skip reading the employee handbook altogether. While reading company rules, regulations and policies isn’t exactly thrilling, understanding all of the above is vital.

Think about it:  this is where nearly ALL the disciplinary action would stem from, but also, where you’ll find answers to questions you might have regarding all kinds of policies. 

            Knowing how to use personal days or file for vacations may help you get more R&R when needed. Sometimes days roll over, sometimes they don’t. Some companies are fine with you taking two weeks off, others may limit vacations to a week. So on and so forth.

            The employee handbook can keep you out of hot water as well. At your old job, showing up 10 minutes late may not have been a big deal. But at your new job, that might result in a write-up and a black mark on your record. Likewise, there may be specific instructions for handling company documents, using company vehicles or whatever else.

            Here’s the other thing:  do you think your boss read it?  Statistically, the odds are they didn’t, so even though they might think they have a reason to document you, in reality, they might not know, either.  Go ahead, get to reading and know what’s really going on!

            Employees new and old may be looking to impress their bosses and organization as a whole. The right moves now could result in a raise or promotion later. By reading the company handbook, you can develop a feel for your organization and its priorities. So before you jump into the latest novel topping the charts, take a dive into the company handbook.


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