Not Feeling Your 9-5?  Reconsider Small Business

No matter what changes occur in the workplace, there will always be some level of employees that aren’t happy. 

Sure, for some, complaining is simply “part of the job,” but for others, workplace challenges and issues that aren’t addressed can be the turning point from one career or job to the next. 

If you find yourself in a situation where your job isn’t fulfilling you for one reason or another, take note:  despite what larger companies might think, there is a LOT of optimism and growth in the small business world, and it might just be a great place to look for a better job. 

A recent survey by the National Federation of Independent Business’s “index of optimism” among owners of small businesses has been on the rise, and that data is based on those owner’s beliefs about the near future. 

To me, that coincides with several opinions I’ve heard elsewhere, and represents why I’m suggesting small business might be a great fit for you IF you, too, are poised to grow.

Here’s a few more reasons:

  • More approachability.  The fact “the boss” isn’t three states away makes it more likely you can interface with them one-on-one.  The scenario gives you the chance to learn more and to (potentially) play a more important role in the company.  Simply put, when it grows, you can grow with it. 
  • Fewer formalities.  Along those lines, the chances for growth also mean the chances for faster and larger paychecks can be yours, too.  Since most small businesses don’t have annual reviews, or even set policies regarding raises, there’s a far better chance you can make more money faster as the economy turns around. 
  • Feedback opportunities.  Small businesses usually have a much more relaxed layer of management – if they have managers at all.  In this scenario, you – as a valuable employee – could have a far bigger role than you ever thought possible by showing your competence in the business.  Even better?  That could mean the chance to actually have your opinion heard – and listened to – by leadership. 
  • Faster advancement.  Maybe you aren’t the most highly educated person in your industry, or you’ve got some roadblocks in your past that preclude you from advancing in larger companies.  Small business owners – at least in my experience – tend to not worry about a criminal record or a college degree nearly as much as regional or national companies. 

Now, this isn’t to say there aren’t challenges in choosing to work in a small business – there certainly are! 

But any career has challenges, and it’s up to you to decide where – and what – issues are acceptable to you.  Small businesses operate under a far larger risk than national or international companies, but many of us choose to work in (or with) small businesses because there is a degree of freedom that comes with the job. 

No matter which you choose, I wish you the best of luck in any career change, and should you take the plunge, don’t forget to reach out to ensure you’ve got all your tax planning in place – shifting to a smaller business often comes with questions, and the team and I are here to answer them!


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