COVID-19 and IRS Collections

The global pandemic of the novel coronavirus COVID-19 has wreaked havoc on everyone’s routine, schedule, and daily life. Many things are cancelled and many more are on hold. In my area the closings started on March 13 and have gotten so restrictive that only critical businesses are allowed to be operating.

Right now everyone is wondering when this will end. The shorter this is, the more likely we all are to be able to snap back into what we were doing before. It could only be an eye opening pause in life. Hey, I shouldn’t delay taking the kids up to that large alligator farm in St. Augustine…

But, while you are stuck at home you can take this time to get some things in order. Take it as a moment to do some things you have put off doing…like dealing with the IRS.

  • IRS has put numerous things on hold also:
  • Installment payments are on hold until July 15
  • No automated Levies & Liens until July 15
  • No meetings with Revenue Officers until July 15
  • All Offer in Compromise units on hold until July 15

Get things in order so that when the IRS starts up its collection efforts you are ready to meet with them and get your account in good standing.

Let’s set a video call and start to work on your case.


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