Asking Why

Everyone has goals.  That’s a given and the degree or depth of those goals is relative to the individual.  The soldier on the battlefield wants to survive and to get back to safety.  A six year old child wants to have a cookie and a nap. 

For the rest of us, though, our goals might not be a clearly defined, and that can lead to a lot of stops and starts in our plans and even our actions.  Do you truly enjoy the work you do?  Are you geographically bound by it or can you do it anywhere in the world? 

A writer can work well past the retirement age of a baseball player or a teacher, but until each of them ask themselves one simple thing, can they ever know what they really want to do to feel truly happy?

Try this:  ask yourself – without the prying eyes of family and friends nearby – what it is you really want. 

And then ask yourself why you want that thing. 

And then?  Ask why that “why” was an answer. 

I think you’ll see that the answer you give people on the outside is far different than the personal answer you hold close and truly dear to yourself.  But here’s the thing – until you acknowledge that part, you’ll never set yourself up to actually attain those goals and things. 

Ask why, and keep asking until the truth for you shows up.


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