Prospect Nurturing Isn’t As Simple As It Was…

Good Morning,

This late in the month, you’ve probably become firmly convinced that I’ve gone crazy. 

Why is a CPA giving business lessons? 

Where’d they get all these ideas, anyway?

Well, a lot of it is simply experience.  I work with all types and sizes of companies and entrepreneurs, so I’ve seen a lot of neat ideas that have paid off handsomely for my clients.

Besides, I’m supposed to ask questions, right?  I do, and I’m trying to share some of the many “small” lessons I’ve learned over many thousands of conversations. 

So how does prospect nurturing play into your business development?

Well, for starters, it’s a matter of fact – if the only selling you and your team are doing is “face to face” or through scheduled calls, then you’re missing key opportunities to sell.

Think about it from how YOU buy things…

Would you be interested in someone selling you a cup of coffee at bedtime?  Probably not. 

Are you going to rush out on a sunny day to buy an umbrella, “just in case?”

Or, to go back to last week’s example, are you going to price out the costs of replacing your roof if the one of your house is in great shape?

Again, probably not. 

It’s the same in your business!  People buy when they are ready to buy!  That’s why, all the way back at the beginning of the month, I mentioned you and your company need to be visible not only as the providers of solutions, but also as influencers in the industry, actively building your network at all times, and available to give feedback to potential (and current) clients.

All at the same time!

…And that can never happen if you don’t take steps to create the time and the systems internally to actively “do” all of those things every day, week in and week out, even if it means you might not see immediate results.

Now, some digital marketers refer to this as a “sales funnel” and others as a “customer journey” but the reality is, the hamburger you’re selling today is setting up the success of your lunch business next week. 

What you DO have to keep in mind is this:  you’ll never be able to do it all yourself – or potentially “in-house.”

Not to worry!  There are tons of ways you can use automation to help along the nurturing path, but this week, I want to encourage you to begin exploring those options. 

…And all it will cost you to begin learning is a little time. 

It all goes back to that, doesn’t it?  That little time tracking exercise you did at the very beginning of the month.  Focusing your efforts on growth in your business doesn’t have to be only in the obvious ways – make sure you continue to educate yourself on how your business can grow – especially if those ways don’t involve you handling it all yourself.

See you soon!


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