Traction in Little Victories

Here we are, already a month into 2020 – can you believe it?  By now, some of you have already goofed a little on those resolutions you made, but today, I want to ask you something…

How detailed were your resolutions?   

Did you fall back on the old, “Make more money, lose weight, and be a better person” trap or did you really dig in and get specific?  Instead of merely writing down what amounts to an idea, did you create a plan you can follow easily on how you’ll achieve each of those resolutions? 

If you’ve found yourself already breaking one or more of those resolutions, why not try this:  Rewrite them in such a way that will give you a far better chance of success?  Instead of “Lose 15 pounds” try “I’ll be doing at least four hours of cardio each week while eliminating bread and chips.  I’m also going to not eat anything after 8:00 p.m.”

Which one do you think will get you ready for the beach faster?

…And it’s the same for any resolution!  More money?  Bigger house?  Better job?  Getting specific will get you results and help you to document exactly what you think success will look like and how you’ll achieve it.  Imagine a professional athlete.  How will they become a champion?  Practice, but practice within a system that allows them to be successful. 

Here’s the good news – success is contagious.  When you start getting traction in the little victories, you’ll find it easier to set your sights on the bigger ones and the massive shifts towards a more fulfilling life are that much easier for one simple fact:  you understand how to plan.  So if you’ve already had a bump in the road on your resolutions, reimagine them today and go get them!


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